2 Timothy 3:16

King James Version

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, 

and is profitable for doctrine, 

for reproof, 

for correction, 

for instruction in righteousness:

It started with a book that called my attention:

Secrets of the Temple: How the Mighty & Mysterious Federal Reserve Runs the Country (1989)

Intrigued, I looked more into the author, William Greider.

From that, it led to other material.

I started exploring the world financial system.

Before you know it, SPIRIT inspired me to create this 43rd blog.

He led me to the subjects, books, and videos.

All on man's fiscal policies.

Now, you'll know the intricacies of the world financial system.

The so-called power brokers, kingmakers, financiers, and such.

In deep contrast to the LORD's focus, and simplicity.

You'll realize how transitory everything is in this world.

Only through JESUS can we have sufficiency.

Never through the world.

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Published 3 July 2022

(Updated 7 June 2023)

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